I’m so glad we broke up 😁
For a long time, I couldn’t delete my instagram account permanently or temporarily but I wasn’t using it.

Here is the sentence that I was thinking about;

“Identify the core factors that determine success and happiness in your personal and professional life. Adopt a tool only if its positive impacts on these factors substantially outweigh its negative impacts.”

But even if I know that, I wasn’t brave enough. And thought if I go anywhere or I will share nature photographs on my instagram from there. Actually, during these days, i realized hat it isn’t necessary, nobody have to know what my opinion is , what I’m doing, where I am , whether my nature photographs pretty good or not.

and I just let it go!!

I was relieved that nothing was bothering and liked “ being dead” it makes me relax, nobody knows what I’m doing, and
no one asks me anything. It’s pretty good.

now today, I decided to delete my account!! I downloaded all my data, and I did it!
Still my twitter account isn’t available but if I login, it will come back.

But I don’t use it. I don’t think I delete it.
I’ve been using Twitter for over three years.
maybe i will change my mind I don’t know.

I’m happy without instagram. 🎉😁



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